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The following is a brief outline of the process leading up to the construction stage of any landscaping project.

Initial Visit:

A meeting is arranged with the client to ascertain your likes and dislike and what elements you need in your garden.
It is helpful at this stage if you have given some thought as to what your basic requirements are e.g. Patio, pond, decking, children’s play area, traditional or contemporary styles, maintenance requirements etc..

Site or Garden Survey:

A full survey and assessment of the site is carried out
This includes :-

1. Measuring the different levels and distances between existing features.

2. Checking orientation, prevailing winds, soil type and drainage.

3. Noting existing plants and garden features.

Production of Plans:

1.Initial Concept Plans will be presented to you outlining design proposals. After discussion with the client any alterations or changes will be noted.

2. A full Base Plan will be produced detailing all garden features. Construction Drawings may also be produced for specific features.

3.Planting Plans can also be produced detailing exact species, locations and numbers required to achieve the finished look.

Note: Working drawings are to scale, generally at A3 or A2 size. All drawings are produced using AutoCAD.

Design Fees:

Subsequent to the initial free visit, all design work and consultation work is charged at €40 per hour (+vat @21%)

Implementation of the design:

Once detailed working drawings have been finalised a quotation can be produced. Discussion can then take place on how best to proceed.
Some clients with large gardens may wish to implement their plan over a period of years on a phased basis.
Others may wish to carryout part or all of the construction and planting themselves but require expert advice first.
This service can be provided by us.

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