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Increasingly we are asked do we provide lawn treatments such as fertiliser application, weed control and moss treatments? Well we're happy to say that we most certainly do and it frequently forms an integral part of our overall and constantly expanding service provisions.
This is often the case were we have completed a landscaping project but were the pre-existing poorly maintained lawn which has not been worked on or replaced is distracting from the overall appearance of the newly landscaped garden. We offer a range of services to bring even the poorest of lawns back to full health by the use of professional lawn care methodologies and products not available in retail outlets or DIY stores.

Our standard annual treatment programme involves visiting your garden 4 times per year at specified times aimed at maximising the impact we will have on improving your lawns. This is achieved by ensuring that the right treatment is applied at the right time and at the correct dosage.

Spring Treatment (February-April)
A balanced slow release fertilizer with a high nitrogen content will be applied to kick start your lawn into growth after the adverse effects of the rigors of winter wet and cold. Our temperate climate often means that moss growth is at its strongest over the winter months and can be quite evident by the time spring comes around. This is therefore the optimal time for the treatment of moss.

Early Summer Treatment (May-June)
By this time of year it is imperative that lawns are given the appropriate fertiliser application to maximise healthy growth and encourage a deep green sward. An application of fertiliser at this time of year may also help to reduce the effects of lawn scorch if a drought period should occur over the summer. This is also the time for optimal treatment of lawn weeds when their growth is often at its strongest.

Summer Treatment (July-August)
A further application of slow release fertiliser granules will ensure continuity of your now well developed lush sward. Some of the more persistent lawns weeds will require a further application of specific selective lawn herbicide.

Autumn Treatment (October-November)
At this time of year it is important to promote the underground root growth of your lawn in preparation for the winter ahead. A balanced Autumn fertilizer wither a low nitrogen content(high nitrogen could encourage soft growth which is easily damaged by winter cold and susceptible to disease) ,a high phosphorous content which stimulates root growth and a high iron content which produces a deep green tinge to your lawn without encouraging soft growth. At this time of year it is often quite damp too while still relatively mild, which is the ideal conditions for moss growth to take hold again. A treatment for moss is therefore essential to eliminate any severe build up of moss over the winter months.

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